Dear healthcare providers for the Korean-American population,

This letter is to introduce you to great services UW Medicine(Valley Medical Center) Offers for Korean-American population. We currently have very competent speech therapy staff including Korean speaking speech-language pathologist that could diagnose and treat various communication disorders including swallowing disorders in Korean. We are excited about this opportunity to make differences in the lives of Korean-American population in the Greater Seattle area.
We provide the following services both in Korean and English for adults and pediatrics:

1. Speech/language evaluations and treatments for patients with aphasia, dysarthria and/or apraxia.
2. Voice evaluations and treatments for patients with both functional and/or pathological voice disorders.
2. We also offer serivces for laryngectomees.
3. Fluency (Stuttering) evaluations and treatments.
4. Swallowing evaluations and treatments including Modified Barium Swallow Studies.
5. Cognitive evaluations and treatments.

As you know, researches have shown that providing rehabilitation services for patients with acute stroke and/or head injury significantly enhance the recovery process. In addition, studies have proven the effectiveness of speech and language therapy including swallowing disorders. Despite these facts, many Korean-Americans with communication difficulties do not seek and/or receive speech/language treament services due to poor awareness of speech/language therapy and lack of Korean speaking speech-language pathologists.

We want to ask you to participate in increasing awareness of availability of speech/language therapy services and providing more comprehensive healthcare services to Korean-American population. If you have any patients with communication difficulties, please refer them to UW Medicine(Valley Medical Center) for speech/language/swallowing treatments for Korean-Americans by Korean-American speech-language pathologist.


Sohi Oh, M.A., CCC-SLP



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